Enjoying Siamese Cuisine

Whether you are traveling or just looking to mix things up in your everyday life, trying new foods is important. Taking the time to understand a little about what elements go into that food and what dishes are available can ensure that you have a good experience. Siamese food is one of the most popular ethnic foods and can be found almost everywhere because of its popularity. You should understand harmony if you are going to eat Siamese food. The four elements of sour, spicy, sweet, and salty need to all be present and in harmony to make a good Siamese dish. Dinners are eaten family style, so that makes harmony more complicated. Each dish needs to be in balance as well as all the dishes working together. You can find a siam restaurant in Las Vegas rather easily nowadays. and enjoy this cuisine.

Similar dishes might also taste different depending on which region the chef is from. Each region has its own influences which will add something different to your experience. The regions are northern, northeast, central, and southern. Each has their favorite ingredients and dishes. People from the north will like using a lot of pork, offal, and vegetables in dishes like egg noodles and spicy sausage. Spicy, flavorful foods like papaya salad and grilled chicken are more popular in the northeast region. If you go more central you will find seafood and vegetable dishes like tom yum soup and green curry. Finally yellow curry and dry, spicy curry made with coconut milk is going to be found in more abundance in the south.

You should also know what categories are going to be on your menu and what kind of dishes will be in each category. You will have to choose a rice since they are served with every meal. There are endless choices in this category, but some very popular ones are fried rice, basil fried rice, and rice pudding. Each type of rice is made with a type or meat, broth, or sauce. You may also want to try a noodle dish, especially if you are looking for an easy one dish meal that contains meat and vegetables. Egg noodle soup, crispy fried egg noodles in curry, and rice noodles in meat broth will all be under the noodle soup section.

The category of salads is going to be different that what you are expecting. The main component will be meat and vegetables mixed with spices and herbs instead of leafy greens like ours. You can't really experience Siamese food without trying a curry. Curry paste is used to make a base, but then what is added in after that will make it unique. There are green, yellow, and red curries that all vary in degree of spiciness.

Desserts is another category that will have different things than what you are expecting. There desserts are usually served with a sweet rice and fresh fruit. A mango over sticky rice flat bread with fruit and condensed milk are examples of this. There are also crispy mini pancakes or egg noodles with syrup that you may want to try. With such a wide variety of categories, you are sure to find something that you love. Check out the best Siam restaurant in Las Vegas by looking them up online.